Veterans United Home Loans announces 2023

Veterans United Home Loans, the nation’s largest VA lender, is continuing its #ThanksToVeterans RV tour in 2023, after a successful inaugural voyage in the lead-up to Veterans Day 2022.

Over the past month, employees of Veterans United have traveled the country celebrating and shining a light on the ways Veterans continue to serve and strengthen their communities, said Kris Read More

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How to perfect targeting with contextual YouTube video ads

In an industry where change is the only constant, one strategy has continued to stick around: contextual targeting. Why? Because reaching people during moments of intention can be incredibly powerful. Couple this with ever-evolving industry regulations, and contextual targeting becomes more than just better ROI, but can also make life just a little bit easier for marketers.

This is why

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19+ Best LEGIT Money Making Apps In 2022 (+ will pay you

You can earn extra money directly from apps on your smartphone.

Whether it’s a side hustle, part-time job, or just something to do in your spare time, there are dozens of money making apps out there made for supplemental income.

Even the best money making apps probably won’t get you rich. But you can still put some cash in your

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Old 2nd Mortgages – that have come back to HAUNT homeowners

Hi Team,

My name is Lucas McGrew Bayón & I work under Erik Sandstrom – the longtime contributor of this forum. We are doing our best to help homeowners across the nation that are dealing with these crooked 2nd Mortgages that have come back to haunt people. So let’s dive right into it.

A Summarized History: Back in 2004-2007

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How To Be a Good Interviewer

Having a good conversation with a candidate helps you understand who they are, their skill set, and what they’d bring to your team.

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What Ever Happened to That Scary 2013 Prediction About

I know it’s difficult to recall back to a time prior to 2016 but try anyway and remember a 2013 study that made the rounds in accounting after it was featured on Planet Money in 2015. By “made the rounds” I mean “scared the shit out of everyone” because the gist was that most of your tasks could be automated

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